Is Life Just A Game?

“Growth and advancement is based on your response to Me…”


Today I was playing Candyland with the little girl I nanny. We often look at our lives like a game board. If we draw the right “cards” we will advance. If we draw the wrong cards, we take steps back. And then when we are on a place on the board in which we do not understand or don’t want to be or even see others advancing ahead of us! we lose hope or purpose.

As we were playing the game, I heard the Holy Spirit say “Your advancement in life is based in your response to Him.” God measures your growth and your advancement by your response to HIM, not by circumstances. Even what seems to be setbacks or drawbacks in your life are not necessarily setbacks to Him. That means anything done to you, any of your mistakes, anything you’ve been through that seems to be a setback, all of the “cards” that seems to bring a hopelessness….isn’t! It is ALL based on your response to HIM.  Your response to God determines your advancement.

Both your growth and your advancement in your life, in the plans and purposes that God has for you, is all measured and based on your response to Him. Respond to what He is doing in your life and heart. Just respond to Him, not man. Respond to His spirit, not your flesh or having your own way. All you need to concern yourself with is having a responsive heart to HIM. Let nothing hold you back from being fully responsive to Him!


Father, I pray that whomever reads this may respond fully to You right where they are at.  I pray that it take root in their hearts. If this has touched you, here is an example (although there is NO formula) on what to pray, daily…“God, I surrender my life to you.  I make YOU my trust. I make YOU my hope.  I respond to You in my circumstance.  My heart is responsive to You.  I respond to what You are doing in my heart.  Holy Spirit, make me sensitive to what the Lord is doing in me, sensitive to His moving and to His voice.  Give me the courage to submit anything He requests.  Help me be responsive to Him in all things.  Help me to keep my eyes and heart focused on God and God alone.  For what you are doing IN me far outweighs what is around me.  IN Jesus, FOR Jesus, THROUGH Jesus. Amen.”




Fall in love with Love

To the young girls, to the women, to the single men and women, to the married men and women, to my future daughter…may we cultivate and recognize true Love in all things…


Dearest daughter,

One day you will read this at a point where your heart is wanting to be loved by a man. There will come a day when both men and boys (there is a difference) will be courting you, wanting your attention and your affection. You are a beautiful young lady and they will be captivated by what they see.  It is easy, my dearest, for your heart to be persuaded by sweet words, promises, even flattery.  Attempts to catch your approval that come in effort, but at times end with vanity…

My encouragement to you is this – fall in love with Love, don’t fall in love with the feelings of love.  The “love” we so often refer to is a stir of emotions…you feel good, you feel excited. Someone gives you butterflies.  But to fall in love with Love is to fall in love with the qualities of Love that a man exhibits. These qualities cannot be performed nor purchased. These qualities of true Love can only be developed in the man by his own choosing.  

True Love is seen through his character, seen through his heart, seen through his actions. It does not matter his occupation or status. Whether he runs the entire universe, fights enemies in wars, heals wounds in surgery, performs numbers efficiently in business, cares for those who are hurting ~ the value that a man brings is in how he treats you, how he invests in you, how he seeks out for your good. Fall in Love with how he treats you, in the heart of the man, not for what the man offers on the table…

To recognize these qualities, my beautiful daughter, and especially to distinguish true Love from flattery, you will first need to fall in love with Love without the man…first. The One who created you in Love, who knows you best, bears this image…it IS His image. He is the One that has loved us, has loved you in this way.  Fall in Love with these qualities. Get to know them through getting to know Him.  No human will ever be able to love you perfectly like this.  But if they are walking with Love, you will see the image of Love in them.

And daughter…cultivate these yourself. There is nothing more beautiful than the marks of Love. There is no makeup nor hairstyle or exercise routine that could perfect the beauty Love exhibits. It is beauty all in itself, the very definition of beauty is found in Love. The true man that walks in Love will seek you out because he will see a reflection of what he has cultivated in himself within you…THAT is the man you want to respond fully to. Respond to Love.

 Look for these qualities…

He demonstrates Love.  He does not speak it but shows this, my sweet girl.  Love can be described as exclusive affection towards another to demonstrate that they are loved. Love cherishes people, it treasures people. Love is tangible favor and goodness. Love demonstrates kindness. Its about regarding people with benevolence, seeking out ways to be good to you. Love takes delight in you, celebrates who you are. Love has the intention of causing others to know that they are loved. Love takes deliberate actions to demonstrate that you are loved.  Look for ways he demonstrates love to you and to others.

He demonstrates Joy.  Joy is an intentional rejoicing, cheerful, triumphant in all circumstances. It is linked to hope and perseverance, which both are linked to knowing the God of Hope.  Joy is not dependent on circumstances, but rather, because joy knows that Love is its Maker, Joy is celebrating the essence of Love and the overcoming, unfailing power of Love – at all times. Look for ways the man overcomes life circumstances through Joy. Look for ways he leans into Love and from that place, he demonstrates joy in everyday life.

He demonstrates Peace.  Peace is a state of quietness. It is calm It is being restful because it knows the God of Peace. It is freedom from disturbance. It is an ease of mind. A stillness. Its an inclination to be calm. Peace is being undisturbed, untroubled, content, composed. Free from strife.  Look for ways the man walks with the God of Peace and therefore chooses to let peace guard his heart and ways.  Especially in troubling circumstances.

He demonstrates Patience. Patience is the quality of being able to persevere under pressure with a good heart and a good mind. Patience is endurance without complaint. It is not being easily provoked. It is having a calm expectation. Being even-tempered. Look for ways the man is willing to adjust his personal expectations  and demonstrate patience towards you, towards others, towards his circumstances.

He demonstrates Kindness.  Kindness means to be considerate. To be thoughtful towards someone. To be compassionate, generous, and loving – first in thought then in action.  Look for ways he is thoughtful towards you, ways he wants to show goodness towards you, how he includes you in his thoughts.

He demonstrates Goodness.  Goodness means he looks out for your welfare. Goodness is acting with honor. It is being favorable towards someone.  Goodness lifts people up, not cuts people down. Goodness also believes the very best in people and speaks of their goodness, even if there is just one thing to be good about.  Look for ways in which he looks out for your best interest. Look for what he displays honor towards you and others.

He demonstrates Faithfulness.  Faithfulness is being consistent.  Unceasing. Being firm in your promise. Loyal. Reliable. Unwavering. Keeping your word. Being trustworthy. Look for ways he demonstrates his loyalty, look for consistency, how he keeps his word, how you know you can count on him to follow through.

He demonstrates Gentleness.  Gentleness is really powerful humility. This one, my dear, speaks of true strength.  Meekness is strength under control. Its about being merciful. Compassionate, sweet-spirited. Tender hearted. Gentleness is able to overcome evil and resistance.  A man that demonstrates gentleness is a man of true strength that knows how to conquer his enemies through his self-control and humility.  Look for ways he demonstrates gentleness with the people in his life.

He demonstrates Self-Control.  Self-control is about choosing to be restrained. Having a good frame of mind and heart. Having and showing discretion. Being even-tempered. The man that demonstrates self-control, my dear, is one that can be trusted. He knows the wisdom of discretion, he knows how to restrain himself in multiple situations.  He knows the strength he carries by the power of choosing restraint.

My daughter, there will be never be a perfect man for you, for there was never meant to be a perfect man to rescue you.  Only one man has or ever will have that ability, Jesus.  I am convinced that every woman deep in her heart wants a man like Jesus.  It is in all the love stories, all the romantic tales in moves.  We want a man that reflects what Jesus did for us. And to cultivate Love yourself is to prepare to be Jesus’ Bride for all eternity. THAT, in everything, is of the highest importance…in every situation, whether you are single or with another, always remember you belong to Him.  You are already chosen by Love.  Fall in love with Him.  And fall in love with the man who intentionally demonstrates a reflection of this same Love to you…


Your future mom…


*Please note that the entire descriptions of Love are not my original writings. Many of these descriptive thoughts came from a conference series taught by Graham Cooke, entitled “Fruits of the Spirit.” Graham Cooke’s website is https://www.brilliantbookhouse.com


An apology to men, from women

I believe that there are two opposing forces that are continually present in our relationships.  Pride and humility.  And fear and love.  They are constantly present, constantly battling, and the individual person gets to choose which one they will engage and operate in.  Pride/humility, fear/love all comes down to a persons choice.

Being a woman myself, I am passionate about encouraging women to be women of internal strength, the power of walking with their God and walking in love; to be world-changers, not through domineering, but through the power of humility and the power of true love.  I believe the feminist movement was birthed out of pride and offense. Not denying the importance of the equality of women (Jesus Himself showed how much he valued women in the New Testament) but it is the intent behind the actions and attitudes that come through either in the spirit of humility or the spirit of pride. I personally do not believe that women can be powerful women of love without being loved by God first.  Without looking to the God of Love and having a relationship with Him. I believe it takes the humility of receiving God’s love before a woman can walk this out. My heart is to see a generation of women who hold their own responsibility of thought and action in relationships…

This article will produce misunderstandings and opposing opinions based on things not mentioned, just simply from the fact alone that there is not enough space for everything. To be clear, this article is specially addressed TO the men from the women. It is not addressing the men’s behavior, their thinking processes, or their choices of action.  That holds another space.  This is FOR the men, FROM the women.  My hope is that this article encourages the women to walk in a higher standard for themselves in their thinking processes and in their actions towards men and to bring a freedom of forgiveness to the men.  As we walk together, with our differences, not apart, may we fulfill our purpose in relationships – to bear the beautiful image of God…holding separate qualities but producing the same image…

~ Forgive us ~


Forgive us for not believing the very best of you.  As a man, we recognize that you hold high responsibilities.  We sense that.  We sense the strain and burdens that you bear.  We know the fears of failure that you carry within you, on a daily basis.  From your jobs to your homes to the streets and in your dreams.  Forgive us for not uplifting you with our words and our actions.  For doubting you instead of believing the best in you.  Even when your actions do not show it, instead of not coming into agreement with the spirit of fear, we should be coming into agreement with the spirit of love, believing and speaking out the very best in you.  Forgive us for not walking in our nature to help and support you by coming into agreement with Love’s thoughts, not fear’s thoughts…

Forgive us for keeping records of wrongs.  We tend to tally up what you have done wrong in our minds and instead of applying forgiveness, mercy, grace, and long-suffering towards you, we keep a tally.  And if you hit a certain mark, we are gone, either emotionally in our defenses, or physically gone.  We tend to forget that you are not a god, you are a human, just like us.  We certainly do not want a tally sheet against our lives.  Forgive us for not forgiving you….

Forgive us for making you responsible for how we feel.  We, as powerful individuals, with the power of the choice, have the responsibility of controlling our own thoughts and our emotions.  Even when we are in disagreement with your behavior, our feelings are our feelings alone. Forgive us for projecting things onto you, for making you responsible for what goes inside our heads…

Forgive us for being more in love with the pursuit than with the man.  More often than not, we associate love with good feelings, rather than the true nature of love, which is TO love.  We fall more in love with the feelings and emotions of feeling wanted and desired through your pursuit than falling in love with the man that you are.  Then when the pursuit ends or is halted or paused for whatever reason, we “fall out of love” with you.  When it was really the pursuit and the emotions of the pursuit that we felt that we were in love with.  Forgive us for not truly loving you…

Forgive us for making the relationship more about our feelings than being in it for the sake of discovering how to best love you.  Love, in its very nature, has the intent of benefitting the other person.  Out of fear, self-protection, and defenses, we have made it more about how you make us feel rather than supporting and loving you the best way possible. Forgive us for our selfishness…

Forgive us for not trusting you.  Though we often use the excuse that we have been burned before by other men, we have applied the attitude and spirit of dis-trust instead of love onto you.  Love, for what it is, always trusts.  If we say we love you, we will trust you.  Forgive us for our jealousies, our insecurities, that have worn you down.  Forcing you to prove yourself that you can be trusted and constantly questioning that trust…instead of making a choice to trust.  Forgive us for our distrust…

Forgive us for placing it upon you to prove our worth.  Our worth, our value, as daughters of God, could never be reduced, diminished, or changed.  It is set.  You do not determine our worth or value….God does.  But instead of being secure in our own value, we have placed it upon you to show us that we are valuable through your actions.  Forgive us for looking toward you to determine our worth, for our pursuit in finding a man that will show us what we are worth, instead of knowing it and making our personal choices and decisions based on us knowing our worth already…

Forgive us for coming towards you with an attitude of defense, accusations, and hurt, rather than a spirit of humility, seeking to understand.  Out of our self-protection methods, it is more about protecting ourselves rather than trusting our hearts, our lives in a God that promises to protect us.  When we operate in protecting ourselves, our words and our actions turn our backs on you, instead of our hearts towards you.  Forgive us for our defenses and accusations…

Forgive us for the images we have created in our minds and for placing the images upon you.  Images created through movies, books, magazine articles, and even conversations with other women, on how a woman should be loved. Forgive us for the expectations that we have placed upon you.  Instead of discovering more about who you are as a man and appreciating what you do for us in an attitude of gratitude, we operate in an attitude of comparison.  Forgive us for falling more in love with a script than a real man himself…

Forgive us for going behind your back, speaking ill of you, instead of confronting you directly.  For making excuses to stir our emotions up instead of believing the best of you, respecting you as an individual person with their own perceptions, woundings, scars and seeing you more of a man that is out to get us.  Forgive us for breaking trust with you…

Forgive us for placing emotional expectations upon you that can only be truly filled by God, Love Himself.  No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to convince our minds and hearts that we are worthy of love, wanted, and accepted.   Forgive us for coming into agreement with the strategy of fear in making you feel like a failure through placing these expectations on you, when you were never meant to create our identity…

Forgive us for our attempt to control, through our words and our actions. Out of agreement with fear, we often attempt to control your behavior, your actions, to protect ourselves or to make us feel secure.  Our control is nothing more than insecurities birthed through fear. Often we have manipulated you through our emotions, to create a sense of guilt, when really we just wanted to feel in control.  When we do not remain in Love and walk in the attitude of Love, trusting Love (God) Himself, we want to control to attempt to create security.  Forgive us for our controlling attitudes and actions…

Forgive us for thinking that our strength as a woman has to be the same strength as a man.  That in order for us to be strong, we have to dominate you, we have to rise above you, we have to tower over you.  When the truth is, a woman’s strength is not like a man’s. A woman who leans into God offers a strength that is not domineering or pushing but a strength that lifts up. A strength that is steady, is ever ready to strengthen by encouraging, affirming, and supporting. At times a strength that does not speak but is quiet, that comes in a subtly of presence…”I am here.” Forgive us for not walking in our strength as a woman…

~To the women~


The Bible uses the term “helper” to describe one attribute of women.  This word, “helper,” has been misunderstood and demolished as a role of weakness, being controlled, and being “under” a man. The truth could not be more contrary than what we have placed upon it. The term “helper” is the same word used to describe God and the Holy Spirit.  A strength that comes to bring aid and relief. Women, you have the incredible honor to be a source of strength to the men in your lives.  Through your words and through yours actions.  To “submit” in the greek definition, means to come under in order to lift up.  Women ~ God has placed within you a strength that has the ability to come under a man IN ORDER to lift him up.  Through your words and through your actions. Without your strength, a man cannot ultimately fulfill his purpose.  You are valuable because of Who made you and what you carry through what He has placed in you…no need to strive to produce a worth on your own…

May we honor each other, men and women.

~ Mary ~







Love Redefined

602225619IMG8owdFs_thumbAll of our lives we see images and portrayals of love in movies, story books, and romance novels that create a picture of love in which all of our insecurities melt away, we are confident that we are worthy of love, and the beginning of a romance is the beginning of us actually being or feeling fully alive.  Our own heads create stories of what it would be like to be loved. With women, the pursuit of a man really creates a sense of value in ourselves.  To be pursued is to be seen as “worthy” to be caught.  In response, quite frequently we have expectations of relationships that when they arrive, they are there to make us feel good, meet our needs, let us know that we truly are worthy of love.  We go into relationships with tons of expectations of what is means to be loved  instead of appreciating the person that has come into our lives.  In relationships, the focus changes from “Who are you” to “How do you make ME feel.”

We forget that it is our choice to love…And that the power of love is not in the expectations to be loved, but in the very choice of loving.  It is more powerful when you say “I am choosing to do this on my own free-will” versus coming from a response of what you give me or to illicit a response from another.  The most powerful people are those who have learned what love really means…

We need a mind-shift in relationships

Marriage--Divorce--Wedding--Couple-Generic---24259413By statistics alone, the rate of healthy and happy relationships has not only been declining but continues to decline in quality.  If we do not change the mindsets of our young people and create an awareness of the true nature of love, more and more people will be getting married with the wrong idea of what love is supposed to be, become disappointed or resentful, and end the relationships.  I believe that the nature of our relationships is a direct reflection to the world of the love relationship we have with God.  If in our marriages we cannot show the love and devotion of a man and woman, how will the world understand the love and devotion of Jesus and our response to his love?

To enter into relationships expecting to love without expectations is NOT an excuse to be abused, neglected, treated like a doormat or slave.  This is not related to being in a position of an unhealthy relationship where there is nothing given in return.  Self-love, self-respect is the foundation of being able to love maturely.  This is, however, is about a mindset shift on our expectations of what love really is.

The shift

What if we changed our mindset: that this person is not to make “me” feel good, but they’re really here for my own growth and development of love.  You see, the nature of love is TO love.  There’s a fulfillment that happens in me loving you. I discover more about myself and more about the reality of my Creator in the process of loving you, than in expecting you to love me the way I expect you to.  My ability to choose to love you on my own free-will is more empowering than any form of manipulation I would take to get you to love me. The very nature of love is TO love. The goal is not simply to love in shallow waters. But to grow deeply and maturely in Love…

I cannot love without being loved by Love Himself


The key in learning how to walk in love and to not place expectations on others is to be loved by Love Himself. You were created in, fashioned in, molded in…Love. You were literally made in, by, and for Love. The argument is NOT that you do not deserve to be loved. But to grow in maturity of love is to learn how to love without expectations. To receive the Love of God is the highest form of love you could ever receive. But to even receive love, you have to believe that God IS Love. My life changed when I started reading the Word of God through the eyes and story of Love. How God has fought all along to do what it takes to be in relationship with us. The very picture of love is seen from the beginning – Love in its nature, gives the person the freedom to choose.  God never forces you to choose him.  He simply loves you without conditions.  He gives you the freedom to choose relationship.  And in Jesus, we find the very picture of love.  Sacrifice.  The truest form of romance you will ever find is found in sacrifice.   When we look to God to be loved, our expectations change from – “Tell me that I am lovable” to “I know I am loved.  And now I am empowered to love in return…”

1 Corinthians 13 personalized…

The most quoted verse of love, 1 Corinthians 13, is used frequently and though it is beautiful in language, we often quote something without giving thought to the implications of what it means.  Likewise, when we say “I love you,” though meaningful to our hearts, the words get tested in how we are truly loving another.  I decided to read 1 Corinthians 13 with a different perspective on how I would actually apply the verses to loving another…


When I say “I love you” I am saying

I will endure for you.  I will be patient with and towards you (bearing under all things). I will be kind towards you (in my words, intent, and actions). I will never envy you or what you are doing (oppose or resent you) but I will celebrate you and with you.  I will not operate in jealousy (towards you or with you).  I will not boast or display myself for my own benefit, attempting to draw your attention. I will not be arrogant or rude with you or make assumptions without asking your thoughts.  I will not insist on my own rights or my own way, for love in itself is not to gain for myself.  I will not be touchy – difficult to deal with – make you walk on egg shells around me.  I will not be fretful (touchy, worried, uneasy, fault-finding) causing you stress.  But instead I want to be a shelter for you.  A place of safety and acceptance.   I will not be resentful but will let something go once we discuss it.  It is a done deal when we finish. I will not take account and keep a record of any wrongs I have felt.  I will take delight in when the right thing is done.  I will bear up under anything and everything that comes our way.  I will be ready to always believe the very best of you and believe the best in your intentions.  I will endure everything to love you….

The greatest accomplishment I could ever achieve here on earth is learning how to love and display that love.  More lives will be changed, not by my preaching or words, but in my ability to love.  What greater way for me to cultivate this than by going into a relationship of my choosing, not with the mindset of – You are here to meet my needs, make me feel loved. But with the mindset of – How can I love you?  With that mindset, everything given to me is received in appreciation…not expectation…

Book with opened pages of shape of heart
Learning how to love gives you a great and valuable gift in return…In loving like this it does a transformation in me, creating a depth-ness and radiance of beauty that no brand of make-up or any plastic surgery would ever be able to give me.  The most beautiful woman in the room is the one who has learned to walk in love and radiates the power of true love.  The most powerful man in the room is the man who has learned to walk in love and sacrifices on behalf of others.

May your days be filled with not in the search of love, but in the growth of loving others…




So I am the cause of your lust, huh?|A woman’s response to the modesty message

“Ladies, if you didn’t dress so revealing we wouldn’t have such a struggle with lust. Keep it covered up.”

 – Tweeted by a well-known Christian Athletic Ministry


For the past 10 years I have been the listening ear of…stories.  Not just any story you read in books. But the stories of human hearts. Particularly the journeys of the female heart. Continue reading



Despite the bumps and crevices, Apart from the flaws and blemishes, Can you find me?


In the world of technology, we have every opportunity to paint the picture and image in which we wish to be portrayed.  Like a canvas to an artist, we have the “power” to create this image of ourselves which both highlights what we want to highlight as well as “hide” our blemishes.  It is quite easy to appear to be something we want others to see, love, and accept.  Yet even with this “power,” a fear lurks behind the curtain ~ behind the facebook, behind the instagram, behind any fame and image we have acquired….will we still be loved and worthy to be truly known? Continue reading


The power of MY sexuality

A woman’s body was made shapely, curvy, beautiful in my opinion. Men like the female body because it is different than their own.  I like to think of the female body being curvy because of all the dimensions that a woman carries ~ A woman has an amazing ability to “carry” multiple things at once.  She also has the form to carry out these tasks with dignitiy and grace.  Continue reading


Hannah’s Cry

Psychological-Side-of-InfertilityLately my heart has been on the ones who have attempted to get pregnant, who have tried everything possible, and are still waiting.  Some have received negative reports from the doctors, stating that even their 1% chance of pregnancy is slim.  I have friends who have been given words and promises from the Lord that they WILL bear a child.  They are courageously believing the word of the Lord over any reports of man. And I personally know people who were once told that they could not conceive but now have children (several several stories)! Yet even with these stories of hope, promise, and encouragement, even with KNOWING that one day you will have a child, I know that there are still times of struggle.  That is what I want to address today. I know that as a single person, I receive a lot of “christineze” statements. Statements that are supposed to be a healing balm, but really are just answers so that the void of mystery and not-knowing is filled with “something.”  

Continue reading


A Word for American Christian Leaders

Many times God gives me a message in a dream to relay to people personally, to myself personally, or to the Body in general.  I am not anyone special, I do not have my own ministry, I do have pastoral covering, but I am simply a daughter of God who wants to hear from the heart of Him.  I am sharing this dream out of obedience ~ let the Spirit bring discernment on it. The dream was detailed, but I have just written the short interpretation.  This is attentioned to the Christians leaders of the American church and Christian organizations.

I feel that this dream is two-fold.  1) To warn of personal agendas and motives in the church ~  instead of lifting up Christ and preaching about the cross and the Kingdom of God, there are personal agendas and self-teachings that promote our own desires and kingdoms 2) it encourages the leaders who feel “hidden.”  And who often feel “less than” or ridiculed or not popular based upon their obedience to preach the true gospel of Jesus.  They are the ones concerned about God’s heart, not their own agenda.

 ~ Dream April 14th 2015~

I had a dream about leaders in the church seducing the people with their words.  They “wooed” with their words to keep popularity and to keep building programs.

Then I saw that there were people hidden.  God had intentionally hid the ones that were after His heart and not their own agenda.  The ones hidden were specifically brought to another place.  The leaders still tried to seduce the ones hidden but they were protected and they rejected the leaders words, on behalf of recognizing God’s truth.

Because of this, the hidden ones were not “popular” in the eyes of man.  But God was strategically placing them where He wanted them.

There are some leaders who have been tested in this area and you have been faithful to Jesus!  You have refused to give in to the pressure to build your name, build your church, build your reputation and instead have pointed others strictly to Jesus.  GOD SEES YOU.

There are some who have entertained the flattering words of leaders who have personal agendas.  Their words have romanticized your heart and have fed into your own desires and egos.  If you continue following this road instead of taking up the cross of Jesus and following Him, this will end in your own destruction.

There are some who have been deeply wounded and betrayed within the church or Christian organizations.  This is an opportunity for you to embrace Jesus and embrace the workings of the cross.  If you choose to embrace Jesus in your woundings and allow Him to come into those places, the cross you bear will become like the tomb rolled away and you will experience the same resurrecting power that Jesus did.  You will be moved by the heart of God and thus He will use you to move this world into His heart and the knowledge of Him.  If, however, you choose to remain in offense and not submit to Jesus in your woundings, the tomb will become your own grave.

It is TIME for the American church to prepare and become the BRIDE of Christ.  He is wanting a Bride, not a passive girlfriend.  It is time to stop seeking God for His benefits, and instead seek Him for His own heart.

~Mary Lacy ~